The Donkey

The family fountain

[well, not our family’s, but some family’s]

holds years and years of wishes

[well… probably just a few weeks’ worth at a time

the rest probably get donated

or maybe rotated into the tip jar]


As a kid I tried to get them into the top

thinking somehow the lower they went in,

the lower my wish-granting chances


As an adult I try to focus on the intent and don’t worry about my toss, but

failing even that effort to concentrate,

I wonder as it flips through the air

what range of wishes the fountain has heard…


“I wish for a million dollars”

“I wish for world peace”

“I wish to not get heartburn from eating too much of that giant burrito”


The knowing water hears my aimless mind-babble

recognizing me still after all these years

and trickles lightly like laughter

as my penny plunks in


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