One man protest

His sign said

“police THEIR brutality”

I went to honk in support but

my feeble push went unregistered

against the steering wheel so

I gave him a thumbs up.

Alone on the corner in the Capitol

with no supporters

the one-man protest looked right at me

but didn’t smile. Maybe I was too

yuppy-looking in my work clothes

or maybe he doesn’t have any smiles left.


timeliest of the timelys

I’m in a word-making-up-mood this evening. Hey, guess who forgot to post her weekly poem poll on Monday…again? Here’s last week’s poll, but first- a quick announcement. I’m participating in Sacramento’s Open Studios event this weekend, Sept. 10th & 11th. There may or may not be snacks, there are multiple receptions (because I also have work up at the Sacramento Gay & Lesbian Center on Saturday) and there will be a whole bunch of pieces for under $100 and oodles of other artists nearby. It’s a wonderful way to squeeze some art-ogling into one of the last warm summer weekends. Read about it in this newsletter that also includes the rest of my exhibition schedule for 2011 if you want to see my work in person. Thanks, loyal art-lovers!