Click up & be counted!

I nearly forgot to post yesterday… guess that whole “it takes 30 days to form a habit” adage is pretty spot-on. It was late and I didn’t add in the weekly poll either, so here it is.

Every Monday (err, mostly) I will post a poll asking you to vote on which poem & picture pair you liked best from the week prior. At the end of the challenge, I’ll use your votes to pick which entries will appear in a small book I’ll self-publish. And who knows… maybe I’m secretly tallying who comments the most for a free book giveaway. ;)*hint hint*


Cityscapes at the Civic Center

Roseville Civic Center, photo from their website

If you’ll be in Roseville, California sometime between now and September 16th, swing by the Roseville Civic Center at 311 Vernon St. to check out an exhibit of 15 of my cityscape paintings! The building itself is beautiful and has a great installation of glass sculpture in the lobby. It’s also right around the corner from the Blue Line Gallery, which is usually worth swinging by as well.

And now, poll time! Remember, I’ll use your votes to help me decide which pieces to include in a printed, small-book run at the end of this project. Thanks!