In San Francisco

"SF Mellow", a photo of a townhouse in San Francisco

In San Francisco

every era has a place at once

regardless of the calendar date

Victorian survivors of both big quakes

stand sagely over sidewalks

soaking up summer-spilled

organic ice cream while

someone drives by blasting

an 8-track V8 with cracked vinyl

that remembers rollerskate keys

and chats it up with cobblestone

hosting hybrids, trolleys and tourists

while peeling paint reincarnates

as ticker tape in puddles with

glitter from pride parade

city parts talking shop

like cousins over chai lattes

"SF Bright", photo of that same pink townhouse in SF

Today was a long poem, so I paired it with 2 photos. It’s been a whole week. Whoopee! At the end of each week, I’ll publish a poll asking which of the following weeks’ poems & picture pair you liked best. The results will help me select pieces for the book I plan to publish post-project. Phew! That’s enough alliteration for this evening, it’s time to vote!

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