Seltzer and Shortbread

"Seltzer and Shortbread", a photo

Day 358: “Seltzer and Shortbread”, a photo

I sent Rob to Bevmo for holiday wine while I baked up some melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies for our Christmas celebration tomorrow at mom’s house. He picked up some Fever Tree Ginger Ale (the best ginger ale ever, hands down) while he was there, and set it down on the counter to splash-guard these babies while they cooled. After adding some raspberry jam, I decided a nice warm photo of these little circles up against the vertical lines of the bottles might make a pretty composition. Et voila! A photo was born. I don’t know what says “Christmas Eve’ more than cookies. And hey- maybe Santa is really lactose intolerant like us and would prefer seltzer anyway. πŸ˜‰


Blue Dusk

"Blue Dusk", acrylic & watercolor on 5" x 7" canvas

Day 357: “Blue Dusk”, a mini cityscape

Except for some minor touch-ups this morning, this piece was technically completed yesterday. I’m using my sister’s/brother-in-law’s laptop at my mom’s house and I’m jumping in the car and heading up to SF as soon as my hair’s dry. As I’ll be at City Art Gallery working a shift until 9 pm and then driving home to Sacramento- a trip that I hope will be two hours or less, but which may be a lot longer depending on how many bay area yahoos are hoofing it out to Tahoe for a white Christmas- therefore risking my chance of making it to my house before midnight, there really isn’t much time for art creation. Luckily, I know the gal who makes the rules when it comes to this here art project, and she says it’s fine. πŸ˜‰

This piece is similar to yesterday’s mini cityscape with a pale yellow sky and blue haze settling over layers of sleepy townhouses. I find that dawn and dusk feel very much the same to me. This one has a bit more orange-yellow in it, so I decided this one is “dusk”. It will be on the wall in City Art along with yesterday’s piece in a couple of hours, so if you happen to be in the Mission district of San Francisco and still need to do some holiday shopping, we’ve got tons of fabulous affordable art available now! City Art Gallery is located at 828 Valencia St. in SF. See you there!

Blue Dawn

"Blue Dawn", acrylic & watercolor on 5" x 7" canvas

Day 356: “Blue Dawn”, a mini cityscape

I’m in a bit of a hurry to skeedaddle out to the bay and spend some time with my mom & sis before my all-day gallery shift in the city tomorrow, and I still have to pack up clothes & still-wet-replacement-art, so today’s post will be a quickie. Today’s artwork is a mini cityscape based on San Francisco. Using watercolor and acrylic paint, I created a moment that feels somewhere between dawn and dusk to me. Granted, I’m rarely awake for dawn, so based on memory, it’s blue and yellow and gray with twinklings of lights starting to come on in the layers of townhouses- mellow, cool and full of promise. See you tomorrow!


"Occupied", a Nancy Drew poem block

Day 355: “Occupied”, a poem block

I went to stock up on meat at Whole Foods today (I tend to get most of the other stuff at Trader Joe’s to save money) and discovered that everyone has this week off from work, as my Whole Foods is right smack next to the Galleria in Roseville- a giant mall that was shut down lastΒ  night due to an overcrowded turnout hoping to see a Christmas-caroling flash mob. Thankfully they evacuated the place before anyone got hurt, but I have to say the headlines would have been interesting… “Mall collapses under weight of Christmas spirit”… “Capitalism implodes local shopping center”…”Sad Santas stuck with empty sacks”. Hee hee!

Today’s piece reads “occupied by doubt/ searching for belief”. I am plum out of refills for my wall space, so I’ve got to get into high gear in the studio again. Here’s this green-blue guy from the side:

Put away

"Put away", a Nancy Drew poem block

Day 354 : “Put away”, a poem block

Today’s combination of wood, paint and paper reads “put away sympathy/let me see possibility”. I’m a solution-oriented gal. That is, when I’m not distracting myself by baking up bread, cake and cookies in the kitchen. Stacey left a great bread recipe in the comments around Thanksgiving that I started using last week and it’s AMAZING! Thank you Stacey!

In other news, only 11 days left! Here’s this piece from the side:

All that time

"All that time", Nancy Drew poem block

Day 353: “All that time”, a poem block

It finally feels like a California winter with rain coming down in one direction and hail in the other. This morning was full of what I call “Disney wind”, the loud, gusty kind that howls like a Halloween cartoon. I decided to make a trip to Trader Joe’s along the back roads this morning, an impressive reminder as to why we live in what’s designated as a “flood plain”. Every couple of minutes, I’d end up slowly maneuvering around a giant, lane-sized puddle. I saw another surprised driver realizing they’d just entered a little lake about 10 feet wide by 1 foot deep.

It reminded me of the time we drove back from visiting my grandparents up in Paradise (a real town in Northern California, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it) along those very same picturesque agricultural roads I’ve been depicting on my landscape woodblocks, essentially racing the rising water down the two-lane highway and trying to beat an impending road closure. I remember realizing those were treetops in the flooded orchards, not bushes, and having my own private little panic attack in the backseat.

Today’s piece reads “all that time/ lost/ waiting for living”. It has a great whorl mark in the wood on the side, and it’s going to the city along with a few other poem blocks in progress.

Rolling along

"Tumbleweed Lane", acrylic paint on woodblock

Day 352: “Tumbleweed Lane”, acrylic landscape on sliced fence post

One of my favorite things about moving to Sacramento are the tumbleweeds. They’re really quite delicate, airy and pretty when they go rolling through the streets. And now I can recognize what they look like when they’re green, like this bundle of fluff standing sentinel at the path through the straw field in the foreground. I really liked how the saw marks and grain pattern of this piece complemented the cloud pattern. This one’s also in the City Art Gallery. As of the very moment I’m writing this, that is. There’s no telling if it’ll still be hanging around by the time you read this. πŸ˜‰ Only 13 days left! Here’s “Tumbleweed Lane” from the side: