Sparkle, shimmer & Christmas dinner

"Sparkle", a photo

Day 359: “Sparkle”, a photo

Rob & I just made it home from a lovely Christmas dinner at mom’s house. It was a delight for my soul to see my family, and a darn good time for our tummies as well! This year she went with an Italian theme and we enjoyed roasted pork loin with fig sauce, fresh pesto pastas, homemade manacotti (manicotti? manacotta? help me out, here spellcheck!) and lots of other yummies. Happily, I pilfered some tupperware filled with leftovers to revisit tomorrow. It sure doesn’t hurt being related to a fully trained chef come holiday dinnertime. 😉

As I am short on studio time today, today’s artwork is a photo from my Christmas tree. Up close, cropped in, rotated and a bit blurry, it has kind of an abstract painting feel to me. I hope you enjoyed your holiday with loved ones and are hitting the hay with a bellyful of treats yourself!


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