Seltzer and Shortbread

"Seltzer and Shortbread", a photo

Day 358: “Seltzer and Shortbread”, a photo

I sent Rob to Bevmo for holiday wine while I baked up some melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies for our Christmas celebration tomorrow at mom’s house. He picked up some Fever Tree Ginger Ale (the best ginger ale ever, hands down) while he was there, and set it down on the counter to splash-guard these babies while they cooled. After adding some raspberry jam, I decided a nice warm photo of these little circles up against the vertical lines of the bottles might make a pretty composition. Et voila! A photo was born. I don’t know what says “Christmas Eve’ more than cookies. And hey- maybe Santa is really lactose intolerant like us and would prefer seltzer anyway. 😉


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