"Occupied", a Nancy Drew poem block

Day 355: “Occupied”, a poem block

I went to stock up on meat at Whole Foods today (I tend to get most of the other stuff at Trader Joe’s to save money) and discovered that everyone has this week off from work, as my Whole Foods is right smack next to the Galleria in Roseville- a giant mall that was shut down last  night due to an overcrowded turnout hoping to see a Christmas-caroling flash mob. Thankfully they evacuated the place before anyone got hurt, but I have to say the headlines would have been interesting… “Mall collapses under weight of Christmas spirit”… “Capitalism implodes local shopping center”…”Sad Santas stuck with empty sacks”. Hee hee!

Today’s piece reads “occupied by doubt/ searching for belief”. I am plum out of refills for my wall space, so I’ve got to get into high gear in the studio again. Here’s this green-blue guy from the side:

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