All that time

"All that time", Nancy Drew poem block

Day 353: “All that time”, a poem block

It finally feels like a California winter with rain coming down in one direction and hail in the other. This morning was full of what I call “Disney wind”, the loud, gusty kind that howls like a Halloween cartoon. I decided to make a trip to Trader Joe’s along the back roads this morning, an impressive reminder as to why we live in what’s designated as a “flood plain”. Every couple of minutes, I’d end up slowly maneuvering around a giant, lane-sized puddle. I saw another surprised driver realizing they’d just entered a little lake about 10 feet wide by 1 foot deep.

It reminded me of the time we drove back from visiting my grandparents up in Paradise (a real town in Northern California, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it) along those very same picturesque agricultural roads I’ve been depicting on my landscape woodblocks, essentially racing the rising water down the two-lane highway and trying to beat an impending road closure. I remember realizing those were treetops in the flooded orchards, not bushes, and having my own private little panic attack in the backseat.

Today’s piece reads “all that time/ lost/ waiting for living”. It has a great whorl mark in the wood on the side, and it’s going to the city along with a few other poem blocks in progress.


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