Hey Hay

"Hay Field", acrylic on woodblock 3.5"x3.5"x1.5"

Day 351: “Hay Field”, acrylic paint on sliced fence post

Only 14 days of ArtProject2010 left! This is another example of how I enjoy compositions that combine organic shapes with man-made shapes. {Note- new landscapes are going on the same round-edged stock I’ve been using for the poem blocks, as opposed to the square-edged ones I used before.} This scene shows evidence of the farmer in his zen garden, scooping up lines of hay and stacking baled cubes of it by the hillside. This little guy and a few friends are now on the walls of City Art Gallery.

In the midst of my 6 hours of driving through dark, drizzly fog pockets (doesn’t it seem like the rain should somehow dissipate the fog?!), I got to say hello to a couple of amazing fellow artists at the gallery, Hadley Northrop who builds vibrant scenes of atmosphere with a focus on light in her oil paintings, and Brenton Bostwick, a wicked sculptor/assemblage artist with an “alien archaeology” aesthetic. I’m always inspired by being around the work at the gallery and of course, the artists who make it. And I was thrilled to see how many pieces of art by the other artists showing this month had sold as well. Hooray for art lovers!


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