Bonjour to blocks

"Proud", a poem block

Day 348: “Proud”, a poem block

I’m back in action with blocks today, as I’ve got a few spaces on the gallery wall to fill. 5 out of 7 of the landscape woodblocks I put up are sold (that means only three in total of all the original woodblock landscapes are left! congrats to those of you who nabbed some before they got snapped up), and 4 of the 5 new poem blocks I put up this last Saturday are also in new homes! If only BART ran from Sacramento to San Francisco. Then I could even make art on the way there and back! I’m pretty sure the Amtrak cost ends up coming out pretty close to gas and bridge tolls.

The prettiest drips are on the top edge of this one

Today’s piece reads: “very proud/ of a by-gone age,/ they quietly departed.” It even has the right punctuation. Thanks, Nancy Drew! While my dwindling mystery book will serve to fill many more of these guys, I’m definitely musing about what should be my next source material. Right now I’m leaning towards Wuthering Heights. Although I’ll probably end up reading it first. 🙂

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