Protest moved quickly

"Protest", a poem block

Day 345: “Protest”, a poem block

Only 20 days left! Today’s piece reads “protest moved quickly/ to keep her/ in pieces”. These words put together make me think of internal emotional struggle, and how sick to your stomach you can feel when in the grip of negative emotions. It was the first I finished in a new crop of blocks waiting half-done in the studio this morning before going to San Francisco.

I headed into the city today to refill my wall space at City Art Gallery, and since getting it refilled around 2:30 pm, I’ve already got 6 new empty spots! I was surprised to see how much other work had been sold. San Franciscoans love art, though, and apparently they’re excellent gift-givers too! So I guess it’s some upcoming busy time in the studio for me and back into the fog asap.

From the side

It was so beautiful today, driving in and out of these pockets of fog. Not heavy enough to eliminate visibility, but sudden and thick enough in patches that it was exciting. I love the scent of moisture in the air, the fact that it’s so deliciously metaphoric, and most of all, how it diffuses light into a romantic painting-to-be.

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