Caught her quiet

"Caught", a poem block

Day 341: “Caught”, a poem block

24 days left! The Nancy Drew poem blocks continue with today’s piece, “Caught”, which reads: “caught her quiet/ but in need of repair/ come along with me/ my dear”. The more of these I make, the more I start to envision my studio as a poem block workshop with stacks of cut-up books, tiny scraps of words and blocks at every corner, with just a small pathway in and out. It’s kind of like one of those poem magnet sets, except with books. And paint. And woodblocks. And no pre-cut words. I was thinking just today how the general theme of the writing piece I’m using for my source material does dictate the poetry to some extent, and wondering what it might be like if I started using different books, and then my friend Sophie published this great found poetry piece she made today. Brilliant!

2 thoughts on “Caught her quiet

  1. It’s true that the text dictates the poetry.
    I absolutely love your series and I really enjoyed working on my own piece.
    Thanks for the mention. And thanks for the inspiration!


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