Oooh, sparkly!

Crystal dangly earrings

Day 337: Crystal dangly earrings

I’m in a bit of a rush today as I’m heading out the bay area early to visit with my mom before swinging up to SF for tonight’s opening at City Art Gallery. Not having as much time as I’d like to paint, I decided to make some sparkly quartz earrings to go with the necklace that I made back on Day 258. I put them on some nice hand-hammered silver earwires I bought on Etsy awhile ago with the intention to put them in earrings for sale. It’s nice to use the good silver for yourself sometimes, just because. 🙂

Another view on milk glass

While I’m generally pleased with the work up at City Art, there are some particularly stunning pieces on the walls this time around. There’s some phenomenal sculpture, and some really wicked cool mixed media pieces from a couple of new artists at the gallery, plus the entire back room is affordable art under $200. As a rule, you can usually find great pieces at City Art for under $200. I’ve got work up for $35-$60; as y’all know, I’m a proponent of affordable art. It’s always nice to get a sweater under the tree, but how about a piece of original artwork? Now there’s a great gift! Come by for free food and wine at tonight’s opening from 7-10 pm at City Art Gallery on 828 Valencia St. in SF! Parking is $2/hr at the 21st St. garage and it’s only a 2 block walk. Pubs and restaurants around nearby, so make a night of it! See you there!

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