Gray Way

"Gray Way", a mini cityscape on 5" x 7" canvas

Day 335: “Gray Way”, a mini cityscape

Well my dearies, it’s December 1st, and we all know what that means. Now that today’s art is up, there are 30 days left of Marianne Bland’s Art Project 2010! When this thing is over, I will have made (and posted for your viewing pleasure) at least one piece of art every day for a whole m-fing year. (Sorry mom, but I feel like that statement requires an expletive. But I abbreviated it for modesty. :D)

While the rest of the world will be celebrating the New Year, I will be lighting my studio on fire and shooting an epic video to commemorate the project’s completion. Haha! Just kidding. It’s attached to my house and I’m not an arsonist. That would be cool though- the artist equivalent to smashing my rockstar guitar at the end of the show.

Today’s piece is called “Gray Way” and is the third in the set of mini cities in a reduced palette I busted out for this month’s affordable art show at City Art Gallery in San Francisco. I laugh every time I paint one of these vertical streets, because I’ve driven in the city. Sometimes I’ll notice someone hesitating at the top or bottom of these in another car and catch a glimpse of that panic-stricken “my car can’t do this!” face newcomers always have. Usually the tires actually stay on the road though, people, I assure you. No recent reports of “car actually falls the F off the side of a steep street in SF”. Then again- would I be completely surprised if I were to read that? No. No I wouldn’t.

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