Gray Day

"Gray Day", acrylic on 5" x 7" canvas

Day 333: “Gray Day”, a mini cityscape

This is the kind of painting I’d normally do on a larger scale, though some of you may recall the 3-piece “pastel hill” series I did in brighter coral and gold tones back in late June/early July. (Oh yeah, that last day was the doctor pirate fable! Haha! Joy.) Two out of three of those have made new homes to separate owners in France by now! Go figure.

This is the first of three new ones I’ve done in a blue/gray palette with hints of orange that I’m going to be taking to the city with me to show at City Art Gallery this month. We’re just a couple days away from the 30-day countdown, and after this year’s worth of daily work, I’m verging upon declaring myself a master of small-scale original affordable art. I should get some kind of award at the end, right? Even if it’s self-invented? 🙂 Just let me run with it.


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