"Mirepoix", a photo

Day 329: “Mirepoix”, a photo

I was able to squirrel away some turkey and other yummy bits from the leftover table at Auntie Shelli’s and Uncle Jack’s yesterday, but we’re fresh out of bread. Having the entire day ahead of me and no desire to try to make it to a grocery store, I decided to bust out the packet of still-good yeast I bought awhile ago and take a crack at making some. I’ve wanted to bake bread for years, but my talents tend to lie more in the studio and less in the kitchen (or garden for that matter), so I’ve always been scared of it. Long story short- good upper body workout, not so great bread.

Along the way I also made some gravy from scratch (another first for me!) which included chopping up some celery and carrots. The recipe also called for onion, as is the custom with the mirepoix flavor base- or so says the internet- and while I was dicing, I realized how much I really enjoy vibrant orange and pale yellow green together. Color is often a major motivator in my work. On the bamboo cutting board base, I enjoy the look of this close-up image with the combination of vertical striping, tiny chunks and wavy celery leaves. Hope you’re having a fabulous Thanksgiving (or just an all-around great day in general for my readers abroad) as well! And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GRANDMAMA as well!


3 thoughts on “Mirepoix

  1. Ok this is my FAVORITE bread recipe. Versatile and seriously the only thing we make any more. And we make it so that we ALWAYS have dough in the fridge. It’s awesome. You take 5 minutes to make a batch of dough (get a big tupperware container) and then you store it in the fridge. Any time you want bread just grab a hunk out, let it sit on a floured peel for 40 minutes while you do whatever, cook, etc, then you throw it in a loaf pan, cookie sheet (best is a pizza stone) and bake for 30 minutes (again do whatever you want while this is happening) BEST BREAD EVER. Makes good pizza dough. Also, fanTASTIC flat bread. Throw raw dough in a frying pan and 2 minutes later you have flat bread (great for sandwhiches) OK can you tell that its Thanksgiving and food is on my mind
    6-3-3-13 Rule

    6 cups lukewarm water
    3 tbsp granulated yeast (1 1⁄2 packets)
    3 tbsp coarse kosher or sea salt
    13 unsifted, unbleached, all-purpose white flour

    You can half this if you only want 4 loafs of bread worth but its easiest to remember this way.

    Mix loosely. Sit for 2 hours, put in fridge for at least 3 hours before using. Will store in fridge for about 7-10 days.

    grab a hunk, put on floured or cornmealed peel. sit for 40 minutes. Preheat to 450, back for 30 minutes DONE. Or do the flat bread thing which is my fave.

    OK seriously another book
    I’m stopping



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