Backyard beauties

"Backyard Beauties", a photo

Day 328: “Backyard Beauties”, a photo

My aunt has to work tomorrow, so our family is having our Thanksgiving celebration this evening instead of tomorrow. I got up early, tasked with baking a cake, excited about my day, then I went outside to discover that someone had hit my car during the night. Instead of being angry and upset, I was thankful that I wasn’t in the car at the time. Though a little banged up, it’s still in pretty good shape. My trusty Ion was a 21st birthday gift from my mom that I totally didn’t expect, and I have been so thankful for it ever since.

I decided to carry on the feeling of thankfulness with today’s art, a photograph of the leaves from my backyard patio. I’m thankful for little moments of beauty that surround me and find me, thankful for my husband and his job, thankful for the aroma of chocolate wafting through my house at the moment, and thankful for my wonderful family that I’m about to go visit. 🙂


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