Snippets & snails

"Bound", poem block

Day 322: “Bound”, poem block

There’s been a flurry of poem block activity in my studio while I finish up the commission pieces this week. As those are also mixed media, the room is filled with stacks of books and piles of paper clippings. If it gets any worse, it will look like a hoarder-in-training paints there. Thankfully, no one has tried to take any of my tiny cut-out words away yet, but if they did I’d say “nooooo! Thems has memries!”. 🙂 (I haven’t seen the show myself yet, but I did watch some Kathy Griffin stand-up where she mentioned it, so now I’m fairly confident I get the gist of it.)

Today’s piece reads “a different right bound them to night”. It can be read as “to night” or “tonight”, which I like. This one is in green, yellow and blue and has an interesting grain pattern. I’m still using that Nancy Drew book. Although at this point it looks like it fell into a running paper shredder and was salvaged halfway through (by, say, a hoarder-in-training). Thankfully we’re only 43 days away from the end of the project, so my sanity will probably make it through intact.


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