Please Mr. Postman

"Awaiting", poem block

Day 321: “Awaiting”, poem block

Day 321?! Yowza! I finally counted it out and there will, in fact, be exactly 365 days this year. That means I’ll be doing a countdown pretty soon instead of a count-up! But don’t fret, my pretties- I plan on keeping this going as my personal art blog in 2011 and beyond. Maybe even with continued daily entries…. but no promises. We’ll see how close to the loony bin I am by the end of this thing. 🙂

Today’s piece is another poem block. This one reads: “eagerly awaiting long distance letters of interest”. I suppose it’s more of a fragment than a full-on poem. But that’s the beautiful thing about poems- these days, there really are no rules! See y’all tomorrow!

One thought on “Please Mr. Postman

  1. this is actually one of my favorites in this poem block grouping. may be partially because it comes close to feeling like haiku (or haiga – image with haiku as one). the paint and words on this go together well for me – as does the other one i particularly like – the schemer. all of them go beyond Nancy Drew – yet still retain an element of that mystery and spirit (imo). cool fun.

    and cool art project 2010 on too – i’m glad to know 2011 does not mean and ending even if it is an evolving for your blog. cool on counting down – or up – either way, well done.


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