Day and night

"Day/Night" poem paintings on woodblock, about 4"x4"x2" ea.

Day 319: Day/Night Poem Blocks

I’ve got a fresh batch of woodblocks burning a hole in my studio. These ones are slightly rounded on the edges, have darker/different grain patterns going on and are nude (gasp!) on the sides. Before diving into more mini landscapes on these [which I’m planning to do very soon, btw] I decided to do some color block/poem pieces with them to see how this new wood reacts to paint. I did a set like these back in June and some even earlier than that…wow, it was February. These read, “claiming night in the name of mystery” (pink-yellow block on left) “for the day had promised disappointment” (blue block on right).

This process involves flipping through an old book visually flitting from page to page until connections begin to form between snippets. Once I’ve pinned down my poetry, ransom-note-style, I create a color background inspired by it and add in the text. It’s really a fun way to work. Try it yourself next time you’re feeling creative! Perhaps I’ll write up a how-to for it and add it to my list of instructables.

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