Something soapy this way comes

"Little White Lie" soap carving

Day 318: “Little White Lies”, Soap Carving

Awhile ago when I was working on these illuminated quilted plaster sculpture things and these gesso texture paintings/ illuminated imprint combos (as you can tell, I’m getting really good at categorization), I had a few more sculpture ideas that have been waiting in the wings. I’m still hammering away at this great commission project (don’t worry, I’ll show you when I’m done) and it involves a lot of standing and staring and deciding and fretting. So after a few hours on that, I decided to dig up some of the supplies I’d purchased a long time ago to start on one of those lingering sculpture ideers.

Warning- this is not white chocolate. Then again, even if it were it'd be safe from me. It's not even CHOCOLATE! It's flipping cocoa butter and sugar. CALL IT WHAT IT IS.

The concept is a series of small carvings entitled “Little White Lies” made from soap. My idea is to project a light at them in front of a large wall so that they make big, ominous shadows. Today’s piece was a “proof of concept” attempt. I wanted to make the carving organic in shape and kind of gnarled so it would feel like a wisp of smoke or a gnarled mummy finger or something, which I think I accomplished.

If there are any shadow puppet specialists out there, I could use some advice.

But the projecting of the shadow- something I had assumed would be pretty simple seeing as how I learned about shadow puppets at the ripe old age of 5- turned out to be trickier than I’d thought and will require more finagling. I think the effect will also be better with a cluster of carvings. In my mind, I see all these sculptural, white illuminated pieces displayed together in some undetermined gallery as a little solo show. Then again, I’ve never had a solo show. So if anyone’s got any ideas on how to make that happen, feel free to share. 😉

6 thoughts on “Something soapy this way comes

  1. how to make that happen… heck, i just work here. i’d vote for your solo show tho.

    oh. yeah. i like this concept of yours – phantasmagorical images arise in my skull…

    altho… …i’m not sure if i should say this… that shadow… may be a bit explicit… i like the brimmed-hat look on the skull of the shadow.


    • 😉 Everything ends up looking like a phallis at some point. Don’t worry about it. “Phantasmagorical”- great word usage! Thanks for the continued support. Got any galleries in your neck of the woods you’d recommend for said solo show? 😉


  2. a solo show…

    hmmmm…. this is the end of things i’m not well versed in. . . there are a number of galleries downtown (Honolulu) – i’m not sure i could direct/recommend one to you specifically. i can give you some sites you can look over and tell me what you think.

    Marks Garage is a center for a lot of different art related areas – if they are not specifically interested, they might be able to suggest something:

    the First Friday site has info you might be able to make use of, gallery listings and so on – maps of the downtown area:

    the Arts District site is similar as above but may have slightly different info:

    depending on what you might have in mind there are two museums that might fall into your areas of interest in one way or another:

    The Contemporary Museum:

    The Honolulu Academy of Arts:

    and then there is the University of Hawaii – they may be interested. is that a venue you’d like?


    • Wow Rick! Any venue is a venue I’d like! 🙂 Thanks so much for providing this information for me! I can only hope you have shown your work at all of these places as well! I am gearing up to bust out an onslaught of marketing cds in 2011, so these locations will be on my list. Thanks again! How kind of you! 🙂


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