A cart full of love

"Autumnscape", an oil pastel & ink drawing on paper

Day 316: Autumnscape

Today I finally hunted down my “local” Trader Joe’s (it’s about 25 minutes away) to see if it is, in fact, a terrific bargain of a place to shop. After coming out with eggs, pastrami, bread, gnocchi, tortillas, bananas, a lemon, a lime, lettuce, toilet paper and paper towels for only TWENTY-FIVE dollars, I was feeling the Trader Joe’s love. The same items at Whole Foods would have cost me at least $40-$45. Sometimes little things like that can really brighten your day.

I enjoyed the drive home, basking in the afterglow of my savings success, and mentally noting all the beautiful fall tree colors. Here in California, our “autumn” and “winter” are really quite brief and not as dramatically colored as other parts of the country because a lot of our trees stay green. But good old Sacramento has such a variety- it is the “city of trees”, after all, that right now there’s red, gold, green, orange, plum and everything in between. That inspired today’s piece, an oil pastel and ink drawing. See you tomorrow!


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