Tres colores

"Blue", a photo

Day 313: Tres colores, photos

I got up early today (gasp!) and spent half the day on a marketing project like a responsible professional artist. The other half was dedicated to a set of commission pieces, so for today’s artwork I’m posting a photo trio I took a couple of weeks ago and tweaked today for your viewing pleasure. I have a batch of all-organic brown sugar cashew cookies (SO GOOD! Recipe here) waiting to go into the oven, and for some reason that just makes it really hard to focus on crafting today’s blog post.

There’s something about cold weather that just makes me want to bake. I’m sure Betty Crocker will someday sponsor a study to uncover the genetic imperative responsible for this seasonal urge. Until then, do you have a super-special favorite baking recipe? Share it in the comments! (I know I’m not the only closet baker here.)

"Magenta", a photo

"Green", a photo

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