What’s red, black and white…

There's a lot of texture that's tough to photograph in this piece.

Day 312: “Veil”, a painting

It’s a continued foray into abstract paintings in limited color today with “Veil”, a painting on canvas (18″ x 24″ I think? Must locate tape measure…) in red, black and white. This one was done over an old painting that had fabric in it and some pre-existing texture, so I kept that in mind when working with the composition. I haven’t done many “dark” pieces in awhile, so I guess it’s time. 🙂 Here are some detail shots…

This fabric swath is actually tulle

Black over red over gray, reduced by many layers of waterbrushing.

And here’s a shot of it straight-on. See you tomorrow!

"Veil", 18 x 24" acrylic painting on canvas

6 thoughts on “What’s red, black and white…

  1. Stacey says:

    One of my favorites so far! I’ll be calling you next year when it’s time to decorate my new house! So far we’ve decorated exclusively with prints of my own photos, but we’ve recently framed one of your linocut pieces and are looking to do a series of them in the kitchen. When things slow down in the world of job hunting I’ll be hitting you up. Hmmm this turned into more of a tell and less of a comment! Oh well! Good work!


  2. Spending my off days as a graphic designer for my husband. Don’t have of our real graphics up yet but thout I’d plug his website anyway. He named his company Skunk Killed Chicken. Weird I know it’s a play on my initials that he’s used for years. I need to get on a normal sleep schedule so I stop posting rambly posts at 2 am!


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