Home stretch

"Slate", acrylic painting on 16" x 20" canvas

Day 309: “Slate”, acrylic and watercolor on canvas

Well, we’re nearly a week into November, so you know what that means. Two things- Christmas is coming (thank goodness I’m in the process of listing all this year’s art in my art shop), and my art project is almost over! I can see the light at the end of the art tunnel, people. Only a little over 50 days to go. If you’ve been following the blog, you know I bore easily and switch it up often when it comes to my work. A large chunk of it are paintings, but within the paintings are subsets of color fields, mixed media abstracts, cityscapes/nightscapes, landscapes on woodblock and some general randomness thrown in (i.e. babushkas).

And here lately as I work on a commission, in my daily pieces I find myself bitten by the color bug. Sometimes I just need to step back and be awestruck by the simple joy of color in and of itself. Today’s piece is on the slightly larger size at 16″ x 20″ and is a color study of slate blue with some white, gray and ultramarine thrown in. I used liquid watercolor to make the dotting patterns and finished it off with a flourish of black. I think color field paintings are my equivalent of a zen garden.

Detail shot

2 thoughts on “Home stretch

  1. Wowee! You are in the home stretch! This is really amazing Marianne! And I haven’t moved yet, (it is a mystery when that will happen), so perhaps I will get to experience a show that brings together your year’s worth of work!? I don’t know how to say this without it sounding somewhat condescending, but I’m really proud of you—this has been an amazing project, and believe me I know how hard it is to make art every day. I would like to say hooray–you amaze me!


    • Thanks Nicole! You don’t sound condescending at all. I am so glad to have met you, and am selfishly glad you’ve yet to move so we can get together and hang out some more. 😀 I’m constantly inspired by your work and words and I appreciate your comments on mine. 🙂


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