Books and Boos

"Books and Boos", a photo

Day 304: “Books and Boos”, a photo

Well folks, “viral pharyngitis” is still kicking my ass. Err, rather “kicking me in the throat” would be more accurate. My throat hurts so bad that I can hardly swallow. Tonight will be my fourth night of voluntarily bunking on the couch to avoid waking my husband/making him breathe in my germies all night. And today I had to drive to San Francisco to take down my artwork from the October City Art show. Which was next to last on my list of things I like to do while ill. (Jogging is coincidentally last, but then again- it always is.)

On the upside, I’ve lost 8 pounds this week from not being able to eat without pain. So… yay? It will probably come piling back on with some kind of bizarre physics-defying caloric maneuver the next time I’m able to say, eat a chip. But until then, I’m doing my best to get something up here for my daily project. I know it’s been photo-heavy, and I promise I will get back to paintings sometime soon.

Since I HAD to go to SF (which is a 2 hr drive one-way), I decided to make the best of it and capture a few images, from which I have today’s artwork. A bookstore in the ever-colorful mission district had some pretty elaborate skull decorations up as a backdrop to the always-alluring book stash on the sidewalk, including something with “Art” in the title. I liked the colors and the lines of it. 🙂 Happy Halloween, everyone!

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