Vitamin String Quartet

"Sawdust and sewing silks", a photo

Day 298: “Sawdust & Sewing Silks”, a photo

I had initially planned to tackle that cityscape for hours on end today, but I quickly realized after waking up that I’m coming down with a cold. So I dragged myself back out of bed after a nap and did a little bit of painting, but it became clear that I would not finish my painting today. Feeling the need to crawl back into bed (does the fetal position help you feel better faster?), I figured I better fix up some daily art and get my blog post knocked out before things get worse.

I started looking through a box of exciting odds and ends my friend Nicole donated to me recently when she moved. Hoping for mixed media materials for a mini painting, I found photographic inspiration instead. I took a few images of this antique cache of colorful spools of thread I found in the box of goodies next to a pile of sawdust in my studio- which I will soon be mixing with some wood glue and using. Nothing in there is purposeless, even if it does look rather like a garbage-y mess. I’m off to make some tea in hopes I will feel better for my hubby’s 40th birthday tomorrow. Germs can probably transfer digitally these days, so now that you’ve read this post, don’t forget to take your vitamin C!


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