All the leaves are brown…

"Guardian of the Pumpkins", a photo

Day 297: “Guardian of the Pumpkins”, a photo

After a day full of photography, I headed home from the bay area this morning through crazy rain, looking forward to seeing my hubby & puppy and settling into my studio with a cup of tea and a paintbrush. I picked out the photo I wanted to use next and taped it to a canvas and have been staring at it longingly for a week or so. Somehow I expect this anticipation and excitement will magically make the painting process go more quickly, or at least I hope it will- inevitably, most paintings include that cranky stand-off argument stage. But we’re still in honeymoon mode. Just like the happy couple from yesterday. šŸ™‚

At the end of the event, mom swung up the street to an inn covered in lights and piles of pumpkins for a couple last images. Anything involving night, lights and orange is always appealing to me. I first eyed the pumpkins glazed with rainwater reflecting the white twinkling lights so prettily, and then upon closer inspection, I spied this ceramic rabbit keeping an eye on the squash citizens and had to have an image of it. Yay, it’s autumn!


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