Dia de Pan Dulce

"Pan Dulce", a photo

Day 294: Pan Dulce

“Dia de los muertos is coming up again. It seems like it was just here.”

“So are you going to finally paint a sugar skull this year?” Reina asked as we ventured into Del Paso Heights in search of adventure one afternoon.

My maiden name is Ramirez; I’m technically hispanic but was always ridiculed endlessly in school by authentic chicano children for obstinately continuing to have a last name in contradiction with my skin tone. So I love latin art, but hesitate to create any of it, expecting a backlash for trying to connect with a culture that is not really mine.  I noticed a bakery as I drove.

“Panaderia! You want some pan dulce?” I replied.

“Mmm, pan dulce! Yes! Pull over.”

Inside the bakery, we found a lovely wall display full of goodies like these Conchas. They let me take a photo with my phone (the DSLR is way too giant and obtrusive to just casually carry around for spur-of-the-moment stuff) which may very much turn out to be a painting one of these days. Ooh, perhaps stacks of sugar skull sweetbread as a subject? They did have these other rolls topped with odd little figurine toothpick things that I could totally turn into skeletons… we’ll see. No promises. For today, feast your eyes on this image I amped up the color in, and here’s a sweet little haiku to go with it:

yellow sugar swirls

airy dough puffs pink and peach

legions of love bread

My long-time readers know I like to write a haiku now and then, but when it comes to pairing them with an image, I must pay homage to the incredible Trish Tunney and her 50/50 project, in which she paired 50 newly written haikus with 50 unpublished photographs of hers in 50 days. If you’re in the mood to be amused/ amazed/ delighted, check it out!

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