Born on the Bayou

"Marsh", a photo

Day 286: Marsh, a photo

Today’s daily art is a photograph from the Don Edwards Wildlife Reserve in Newark where I grew up (wait- I grew up in Newark, not the wildlife reserve). I drove from Sacramento to San Francisco to refill my wall in the gallery, then met up with my mom for lunch in Redwood City, then swung over to Newark to visit my brand-new baby nephew Emmett. Along the way I got some sweet pics that I’ll be using for some more woodblocks/paintings (the gallery sold 2 more woodblocks while I was visiting mom!), including some like the above.

It was excruciatingly warm in the bay today- at least it seemed that way as I was anticipating the normally cool, breezy weather of my birthplace- and the marsh reeked. REEKED. It smelled like moldy potatoes wrapped in turds. Seriously, it’s terrible. But thankfully there’s no smell-o-vision technology when it comes to photos… yet. So you can just enjoy the view. 🙂


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