While Frank Sinatra sings stormy weather…

This woodblock has a battle scar

Day 280: Rumble

Today’s piece is another mini landscape on woodblock (I am almost out of them, so I’ll be borrowing my uncle’s mitre saw pretty soon). This particular block has some extra character- two knot marks in the face and some kind of groovy “bullet-hole” mark in the corner. That plus the scenery made me think back to this wonderful road trip Grandma & Grandpa took my sister & I on when we were teenagers.

We traveled all the way out to the Midwest. I brought my sketchbook and thoroughly enjoyed the rocks, bluffs, fields, hills and dirt. It was one of the first times I voluntarily drew a landscape, now that I think about it. I’d always thought landscapes were boring. And a useless subject, at that- nature itself is already so lovely, why try to compete? But something about the thunderstorms in Wyoming and the Badlands of South Dakota was truly inspiring. Now I enjoy the quiet effortlessness of nature in a spiritual way I didn’t as a punk kid. But I’m thankful for that experience and think of it often. 🙂

"Rumble" acrylic on woodblock (sliced fence post)

“Rumble” shows telephone poles wading through dead grass into blue-tree-speckled hills under a sea of rolling clouds. Is the storm really coming or just making idle threats?

P.S. I’m considering using song references for all of my post titles from now on. I’ve been doing it for a couple of days. Today’s is from the song “Frank Sinatra” by local-to-me greats Cake! I might just start including these bits of trivia in some kind of art giveaway game. Hmmm….stay tuned!


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