House of the rising sun


Detail shot. I am slowly mastering the cheap liner brush.


Day 279: Angels Camp

I doubt I could have dreamed up a more picturesque landscape on my own if I’d tried. The tiny red building in the sea of gold, the curvy little red dirt pathway, the blue-green trees dotting the hillside and edging the horizon….this was the scenery I ventured into on the way to visit my dad at an alcoholic recovery center in Angels Camp. Being surrounded by nature like this always helps us humans get a little closer to being at peace with the universe, so it’s a good location for rehab. Then again you can always visit a place like this without needing the aforementioned reason for being there. When’s the last time you visited nature? (Walking across the lawn from the car to the house doesn’t count. 🙂 )


"Angels Camp", acrylic on woodblock



5 thoughts on “House of the rising sun

  1. Jona says:

    Your first post makes me wonder if you’ve been spending time with Jack Handy?

    Love the color mood in those rolling landscapes. Not sure… can’t quite see properly… but are there a bunch of empty whisky bottles next to the house? 😉


    • Apparently I can’t quite see properly either. Perhaps I should have edited that first part; got some flack on FB already. I didn’t think my poor vision and hilarious misinterpretation did in fact make me racist, but looks like I judged incorrectly… :/ yikes!


  2. your woodblocks often remind me of places i’ve been and sketched and painted. i like that. it takes me to those places in my mind.

    in one of my dreams last night i was wondering for several reason out in wooded areas along bodies of water and shore lines. it had a lot of nature in it.

    other than that i visit nature beneath my bonsai most days. and listen to birds with the gray light.

    a real outing away from where i live kind of nature journey – would have been in August on the island of Lanai. altho that didnt feel any more like a different kind of nature than i mentioned above to me – it just felt like a different kind of place in nature.

    yeah, getting out into it can have a sense of returning to peacefulness. even tho we can be such a gregarious creature, a little non-human dominated area can go a long way toward relaxing and easing the mind…


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