Grazing in the grass is a gas…

Day 278: Horse Fence can you dig it? Jukebox brain back in action. It’s the lyrics that mess with me. Perhaps this is why I’ve been drawn towards instrumentals lately. That string quartet version of Radiohead’s OK Computer I nabbed for 2 bucks the other day has turned out to be pretty darn awesome, by the way.

Detail shot

This morning I couldn’t find my flash drive, which I instantly blamed on my husband because he generally likes to put things in places other than the designated storage locations I’ve assigned to them, but later I found it piled under fabric stuff in my sewing area. *Sheepish grin* I was able to find one more of the spring photos to use for another woodblock painting in my oh-no-I-lost-the-flash-drive panic stuck to the back of another print. This one features horses grazing in the meadow after the rain, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

"Horse Fence", acrylic on woodblock 3.5"x3.5"x1.5"


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