Butts to nuts

"In the Weeds", acrylic painting on woodblock

Day 275: In the weeds

We had a good turnout at the gallery opening last night. It wasn’t completely “butts to nuts” (thanks to Amy’s daughter for that lovely turn of phrase, which she illustrated by asking “you know, have you ever been on Muni?” [SF public transportation, for you out-of-towners] hee hee!), as it often is, but sometimes I like that better because it means people have a little more elbow room to look at art and avoid knocking over sculptures. It was an exciting day all-in-all, as I sold 4 minis and became an auntie! My sister and her husband just had their first baby, a beautiful little boy named Emmett. Yay!

Detail shot

Today’s piece is “in the weeds”, another landscape on woodblock using an image from the Delta out here in the Sacramento area. “In the weeds” is another figure of speech those of you who have served some time in the service industry will probably know. For you lucky folk who have not been a waitress/cocktail server/bartender, think back to a time when you were “butts to nuts” 3 people deep at some bar, frustratedly waving your cash at the exasperated barkeep. That dude was “in the weeds”. Probably because his jerkoff co-bartender was in the back carving a bong out of an apple/making out with his horse-faced stripper girlfriend instead of restocking. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything. 😉

I picked that title for two reasons- one, because I took this reference photo from the riverbank literally standing in the weeds (and reeds) and two, because my to-do list has been piling up and I have a plateful of projects and not enough time to do them all in.

Now that your vocabulary has been expanded with two colorful phrases, I’d love to hear what your favorite expressions are! I know I have a handful of logophiles reading this blog, so cough ’em up in the comments! The odder, the better, I say!

From the side


One thought on “Butts to nuts

  1. Christina says:

    First fave woodblock…love the fall colors, makes me want to bundle up and take a long walk in the country with a cup of hot coffee 🙂


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