It’s 2 pm. Do you know where you are?

Are you sure? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Photo from Rasputin's

Day 274: We are here, a photo

I’m in the bay area for my gallery opening, and decided to hit up an old haunt with my cousin Jaclyn- Rasputin’s, a discount music store. I had a long standing moratorium on shopping at Rasputin’s due to a certain underhanded concert ticket snafoo many years ago, but they did end up making things right (with the prompting of a BBB report I opened up) and hell, their CDs are super cheap. I ended up getting a string quartet cover of Radiohead songs for 2 bucks. Score! I also came across this amusing post-it note in the mass discount bins.

Having worked at a CD store back in the day, I know that this has something to do with sorting/filing, but I enjoyed taking it out of a context as a photo and being able to look at it as a contemplative moment for reflection. I am constantly asking myself where I am, what I’m doing, where I’m going- in a life pattern sort of way, not in a confused/disoriented sort of way- and seeing this simple statement summing it up amused me. I’ll be back in the studio tomorrow, but another photo may make an appearance. I’m running low on reference images for my woodblocks, so it may be time for another photo trip into the wilderness. Have a great weekend!

Oh, and if you’re in the city, swing by the City Art Gallery for our October opening! It’s from 7-10 pm and there will be free wine and snacks! Hobnob with non-snobs at 828 Valencia St. SF (mission district). There’s a parking garage with good rates on 21st, a couple of blocks away. The gallery is open regularly from 12-9 Weds-Sun.

3 thoughts on “It’s 2 pm. Do you know where you are?

  1. fun on the out-of-context sign-of-our-times place-in-the-galaxy.

    yeah, i know how that works. the world is a humorous place sometimes and sometimes it’s spot on in jolting us to an accounting of our being.

    congratulations on the show – i hope the opening was fun. i’ve not spent enough time on your wood blocks yet but what i have seen still amazes me. BlueToothed Cows. bwahahahaha.

    btw – is Clearance Rock-D a band in the SF area?


    • Hey Rick! Nice to hear from you! I was just thinking of you and how I hadn’t seen you around in a bit. It’s so funny how we are “on the same wavelength”! But then again, I find that connection with many artists. Guess we creators all share the same source energy anyway. And no, that’s not the name of a band- just the miscellaneous section of the discount area. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re well! Take care!


      • yeah, sometimes i disappear for a while. it’s hard to keep spinning the dance in all directions sometimes. yeah, i find that deeper connectioning with artists to be amazing at times.

        hahaha – yeah. i didnt really think Clearance Rock-D was a band, i just liked the idea of going with the odd-context way of looking at the world around us in signs. once i start looking for them… they are all over the place. altho… now that i think about it… i wonder what kind of music Clearance Rock-D would be into… bwahahahahaha. may be they’d find inspiration in CCR (Credence Clearwater Revival)??… hmmmm… may be i’ll have to do some album… er… i mean cd covers for CR-D. yeah, take care – may be there is a wooden tile cover coming up for CR-D. . . bwahahahahaha.


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