Size doesn’t matter

"Tiny Red Barn", 4"x4"x2" acrylic landscape on wood block

Day 266: Tiny Red Barn

I forgot how much fun these are to paint on. Some people would find it frustrating how some parts of the wood soak the paint in hungrily whilst others resist it, but I think that makes it even more interesting and exciting. And it seems fitting while working on little landscapes, because we can’t expect to make nature bend to our will. Even if we do stretch power lines across it and erect tiny red barns in the middle of it, those “purple mountains majesty” are still ever more impressive than any persistent cell signal, in my humble opinion. I don’t usually paint happy little clouds and the like, but something about doing it on the slices of fence post makes it agreeable to me.

Hmm. Perhaps I should remove “doing it” in that previous sentence and replace it with “painting them”. Or I can just leave it in there. Even though doing it on a fence post sounds particular uncomfortable. Or exciting, if you’re really kinky. C’mon, what else do they have to do out in these rural towns? (Besides meth, that is.) Time to step away from the keyboard…;) See you tomorrow!

The wood grain doubles as a reference to the sun's rays and the radiation of cellular towers in this mini.


Is it Autumn yet?

"Provencal", acrylic painting on 4" x 4" x 2" wood block.

Day 265: Provençal

I’ve been meaning to get around to doing some more wood block landscapes for October’s show. Wouldn’t you know it? Now that we’re down to the wire, I’ve managed to find some time to do them. Someone once said, “Artists don’t get down to work till the pain of not making art exceeds the pain of making art.”*

And while this particular statement isn’t 100% applicable to me at this point in my life since I’ve been making myself make something every single darn day for nearly 9 full months now, I’d clearly have to agree that deadlines in and of themselves can sometimes be the greatest artmaking motivator.

So, in between prepping some canvases with gesso for other projects and taping together several sheets of newsprint for my gallery wall mock-up, I printed out some photos I took from a rainy day back in March (or sometime thereabouts- remember the wet sheep?) and spent some time on this little guy in the studio today. I titled it “Provençal” because the hint of a return of cool weather and views of the countryside remind me of my time in Southern France. But this image itself is actually from out in the Delta Loop, here in the Sacramento area of California.

Is that the sun peeking behind those clouds? Kind of. It's the wood grain from this slice of fence post. 🙂

*I tried to find out who said this but I couldn’t track it down. Thanks for nothing, internet. 😉

Back to the mental drawing board

No, I was not staring at a Krylon can when this idea occurred to me, thankyouverymuch.

Day 264: Globby (Study)

During the drive yesterday, my mind wandered off to the blank canvas I keep in my brain (as it often does) and began doodling to see if anything interesting happened. This globular thing kind of manifested itself on my mental etch-a-sketch, so today I decided to do a study on newsprint to see if the connections between the saved draft in my head and my hand were functioning properly. Turns out I need to run a diagnostic. 😉 The general idea is there, but newsprint is much more of a wuss than I recall. I couldn’t really get into layering, but I did experiment with the shape and general layout, and now I can stare at this thing on the now-stained-red/yellow/orange-studio-wall for a few days and figure out why it popped into my head in the first place and where to go with this idea next.

I’m also prepping for the City Art October show. I’ll be putting up all mini paintings. The opening is Friday, October 1st, so if you’re going to be in the area, mark your calendars! Affordable art with a side of free food and wine. Woot!

Detail shot. Watercolor + pastel + charcoal = too much for newsprint.

Blue moon

Blue moon, a photograph

Day 263: Contemplation

The “drive of shame” home from LA today was bittersweet. I was so thankful to have my cousin Jaclyn with me, thankful for the many well-wishes from friends and family, thankful to have had the opportunity for a portfolio review with those “in the know” in the art world, but disappointed to know I wouldn’t be packing my bags for longer than a weekend. I stopped in Davis as the sun was setting to take this photo of the moon presiding over the hazy dusk in the marshlands. It’s still and quiet, and reflective of my contemplative mood after the casting.

I did get a callback, which was gratifying. I met some great artists, got some good feedback, and will surely feel much better about the whole thing in a short time- I bounce back pretty quickly and don’t generally wallow in self-pity for long. And experiences like these are part of building one’s career. Like someone in line said, “at least now I have a decent portfolio put together.” 🙂 Tonight, after about 10 hours of driving and two nights of sleeping in hotels, I’m happy to be home with my hubby and puppy… and bed. I’ll be back in action in the studio tomorrow with some non-photographic work. Until then, thanks again for your support!

Beyond the Staples center

It's a bird! Oh wait, it's a plane advertising Bud Light Lime.

Day 262: Gettylicious

As Jaclyn and I are carousing about in LA this weekend, we decided to fill our afternoon with a trip to the Getty museum. I’ve never been there and we were only able to make it about 90 minutes before closing, which reminded me very much of my first visit to the Louvre, where we had a whopping 30 minutes or so to run from the Mona Lisa to the Winged Nike (which is not a permanent sports shoe exhibit. See “Victory at Samothrace”. I think. The Art History section of my brain says that’s right, anyway). And of course the art was stunning, but the architecture was also jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and the view wasn’t half bad either. If you mentally edit out the fine layer of smog and stupid flying advertisement, that is. 🙂 I’ll be heading back to home base tomorrow, so it will be another late-night and likely photographic post manana. See you then!

Boxes of wine for everyone!

Cool ass art car in front of the Santa Monica Museum of Art

Day 261: Theft Deterrant

Need a clever way to prevent your car from getting stolen? Try filling it (literally- FILLING it) with succulents. I spied this sweet art car in front of the Santa Monica Museum of Art while we were scoping out the Bergamot Station for Bravo’s casting call tomorrow. And as I have spent all day driving down here, this image is the extent of my art efforts for the day. I really do love night images though. They always have a chance of ending up as paintings. 🙂

Who’s this “we” I’m mentioning? My cousin Jaclyn, who stocked up on great road trip snacks including a couple juice-boxes of Pinot Grigio. Yum! Yay Jaclyn! Off to bed before getting up early. See you tomorrow!

Friday night’s alright for writing

Day 260: A Haiku

I don’t like the feeling of nervousness. Even when it’s nervous anticipation. Teetering on the line between nausea and fear just isn’t my thing. But it’s been with me since I started prepping for the Bravo casting call. And as I have spent almost every waking moment compiling application materials (mainly putting together my GIGANTE portfolio of photos), I am fairly well and pooped….and not done yet. 😀

So in lieu of some hasty painting or drawing, today I’ve composed a haiku about nervousness which I’m pairing with a photo of the street in front of the Crocker Museum I took last month while it was closed on a Sunday morning. I seem to always want to take pictures from the middle of the street, but then I’m nervous about getting hit by careless drivers. So somehow it seemed fitting. 🙂

I plan to post Saturday and Sunday despite being on the road and being put through the reality-show-wringer (i.e. waiting in line for hours on end if it’s anything like last year), as my gracious cousin Jaclyn is accompanying me and bringing her laptop. Fingers crossed!


Oh, you tummy moths

Please settle down already

Aren’t you tired yet?