Drive slowly! Kegstands in process…

The wood grain in these blocks has a sheen from the side in the daylight.

Day 273: House Boat

When I hear “house boat”, I immediately think of all the secondhand accounts of near alcohol poisoning, drunken diving, vodka splash fights, jello-shots-turned-impromptu-jello-wrestling and uncomfortable pass-out locations (i.e. in a dog pile under life vests and some other partiers) I’ve heard over the years. However, I have never been on a house boat personally because I’m a good girl- or a stick in the mud, you know, however you look at it 😉 – and somehow I get the feeling that a house boat on the Delta is a little different than a house boat in Lake Havasu.

Detail shot

Today’s piece is an image of a house boat in the river with rolling wind turbine-covered hills behind it. Reeds add some interest in the foreground and the gray water reflects the cloudy gray sky- my favorite kind. I love the cold weather. It’s always a great excuse to cook up some hot cocoa and snuggle up to some art supplies. I’m off to the city today, so tomorrow’s blog post will probably be a photo as I will be out of my element, Donny. 😉

"House Boat", 3.5"x3.5"x1.5" acrylic painting on woodblock


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