Land of milk and honey

Day 271: Cows and Bee Boxes

You may recall this image from a photo trip I took awhile ago (this is where I would normally link to the earlier reference except I am too lazy to do so today. So..yeah.), and today I decided it was a good candidate to make the leap from photo to mini painting. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately, and escaping into this little image definitely makes me feel better for a bit. It takes me back to that cool Spring day in the Delta, watching busy bees making honey in the sweet grass next to the cud-chewing cattle after the rain (which is a fonder mood memory than my current cranky-butt-why-isn’t-it-cool-weather-yet one).

This is a little blurry, but you can see the details a little better.

You ever have one of those days where it’s all you can do to perform basic tasks – you know, grocery shopping, dishes, cooking, paying bills, responding to emails, showering, artmaking, blogging and the like? Hmm. I guess it actually seems like a fairly long list when I lay it all out like that. Too bad I can’t afford a personal secretary/ chef/ maid… yet. I’ve still got that rich and famous artist thing on my agenda. But for now, it’s back to finishing up the slow-cooked Carnitas with bacon and sour cream dinner that will make the rest of the day worth it. Have a great evening, folks!

"Cows and bee boxes", acrylic landscape painting on 4"x4"x2" woodblock


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