Breath of fresh air

"Green", acrylic painting on woodblock

Day 270: Green

Today’s piece is another mini painting on woodblock. This one features rolling hillsides bedecked with the white wind turbines those of us who have grown up near Tracy are so accustomed to seeing, across a full river. It seems like we should have worked out how to harvest enough green energy by now to run everything forever, doesn’t it?

Detail shot

Most likely, it has been figured out, but all the scientists who did so probably encountered an untimely demise. Presuming reality is anything like Hollywood, which clearly it is. Wow- that is such a great idea for the next reality show…

“This week, on America’s Next Top Scientist, contestants will be placed in teams of two to present their best low-cost ideas for clean energy and cancer cures. The “winner” of this week’s challenge will be escorted directly to a “fabulous trip” provided exclusively by Pfizer!” Followed by discrediting in the science world through some article, and showing up in a blurry photo in a “Reality Stars- Where are they now?” magazine to prove that they’re still around. Speaking of blurry pics, here’s one from the side:

I know this one's blurry but you can see the wood grain a little better.


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