But the cows need Bluetooth!

Day 269: Tower Meadow

I drove past a guy dressed as a banana waving a Jamba Juice sign today. It occurred to me that this guy probably works for the store and is most likely getting paid minimum wage as opposed to the $10-$16/hr most enthusiastic sign wavers garner (presuming they can move and shake like thissss..ssss!). It made me think of all the ridiculous demeaning crap I have had to do at various points throughout my “career” (i.e. 20+ random ass jobs before silicon valley sales opps), and I thought of how you really can’t complain because every job description includes that scotch-free disclaimer… “and other duties/tasks as assigned”.

Detail pic

It made me think of how interesting it would be to read a job description for the professional artist…

Wanted: Artist. Human society is seeking new artists to support its cultural relevance department! If you are skilled at presenting a unique point of view in forms of aesthetic value, interpreting characteristics of humanity in a meaningful/interesting way that connects with our viewers, and enjoy the freedom of working from home and the competitive thrill of a completely autonomous role, this opportunity is for you! Our best candidates thrive on rejection, are solid self-starters and are generally miserable if attempting to pursue anything outside of art. **Note: This position is COMMISSION-ONLY. You will be responsible for ALL EXPENSES- no exceptions.


  • Create technically masterful, engaging/evocative original works of art on a daily basis
  • Professionally photograph all artwork and post on website/blog
  • Advertise/market these works through any and all available methods (this will include creating your own website and portfolio, seeking representation in galleries, online sales and in-person sales, including but not limited to paying fees for juried shows and art events)
  • Create and adhere to operational budget as defined by the commission you make from your art sales
  • Keep inventory of all works, supplies, marketing materials and sales
  • Travel regularly to meet with potential clients


  • Some recognizable skill with at least one visual art medium
  • Ability to find useful inspiration from a source other than fear of debt
  • Crazy awesome marketing genius the likes of which is generally restricted to millionaires like Tony Robbins

Personally, I would have said “NOPE!” as soon as I read the commission only part and went back to the search results. 😉

The miniatures continue today with “Tower Meadow”. I love how readily these types of scenes convert themselves into little compositions. The obtrusive cell tower provides balance and works well with the wood grain.

"Tower Meadow", acrylic painting on 4"x4"x2" woodblock


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