In a van down by the river

"Wild lilac", acrylic painting on woodblock

Day 268: Wild Lilac

While I have no way of knowing if the fragrant wildflower imparting its lovely scent unto the cold delta breeze the day I took this photo was indeed wild lilac, that’s what I’ve decided to call it. And as any piece of art is a window into a little world of make-believe built of painted gestures, there’s no reason it can’t be lilac. So there. (I know none of you were necessarily challenging the lilac situation, but now it’s been addressed and we can all relax.)

Today’s piece shows the rolling hillside across from some part of the river. The bushy bits in the foreground were mostly milkweed, mixed on the banks with foxtails and grasses. The Sacramento area really can be quite lovely. If you’re enjoying these landscapes, switch the TV on to KVIE this weekend. Their annual art auction is going on, and there are lots of great pieces up for sale from some of my local art buddies, including more fabulous landscapes. 🙂


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