Hell in a handbasket

I think you can see the wood grain better from the side.

Day 267: Grove House

Everyone has those disaster days- the days when it just feels like everything that can go wrong is going wrong, that there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, that the forecast is poop with a slight chance of extra poop. Today wasn’t so much one of those days for me personally, but when a loved one is going through a difficult time, it’s hard not to be affected. I try to stay positive, and it’s really difficult for me when I’m confronted with someone who has a decidedly negative outlook.

It’s times like those that making art in my studio is my brief respite, my little spot of sun through the clouds. Today’s piece, “Grove House” features a tiny building tucked away in a grove of trees barely visible along the horizon. I used another Delta Loop photo I took for this one.

"Grove House", acrylic painting on 4"x4"x2" wood block.

*NOTE* I am so touched by the dibs-es that have already been called on these woodblocks, but I have been promising a display of woodblocks at my October City Art showing for months, and I’m calling a temporary stay on dibsing as I’m specifically making these to fill my rented wall space. Sorry guys and gals! Come to the show in person for a crack at them if you can. I’ll let everyone know which pieces are still available after the show. Thanks again!


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