Size doesn’t matter

"Tiny Red Barn", 4"x4"x2" acrylic landscape on wood block

Day 266: Tiny Red Barn

I forgot how much fun these are to paint on. Some people would find it frustrating how some parts of the wood soak the paint in hungrily whilst others resist it, but I think that makes it even more interesting and exciting. And it seems fitting while working on little landscapes, because we can’t expect to make nature bend to our will. Even if we do stretch power lines across it and erect tiny red barns in the middle of it, those “purple mountains majesty” are still ever more impressive than any persistent cell signal, in my humble opinion. I don’t usually paint happy little clouds and the like, but something about doing it on the slices of fence post makes it agreeable to me.

Hmm. Perhaps I should remove “doing it” in that previous sentence and replace it with “painting them”. Or I can just leave it in there. Even though doing it on a fence post sounds particular uncomfortable. Or exciting, if you’re really kinky. C’mon, what else do they have to do out in these rural towns? (Besides meth, that is.) Time to step away from the keyboard…;) See you tomorrow!

The wood grain doubles as a reference to the sun's rays and the radiation of cellular towers in this mini.


4 thoughts on “Size doesn’t matter

  1. Christina says:

    And Linds ain’t jus talkin’ ’bout the wood blockatures either 😉 I particularly like this one as well. Something serene and calm about it even with the man made intrusive telephone towers. TRIPLE DIBS- IT’S ON. Just kidding- I am waiting to duke it out for mini city scapes.


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