Back to the mental drawing board

No, I was not staring at a Krylon can when this idea occurred to me, thankyouverymuch.

Day 264: Globby (Study)

During the drive yesterday, my mind wandered off to the blank canvas I keep in my brain (as it often does) and began doodling to see if anything interesting happened. This globular thing kind of manifested itself on my mental etch-a-sketch, so today I decided to do a study on newsprint to see if the connections between the saved draft in my head and my hand were functioning properly. Turns out I need to run a diagnostic. 😉 The general idea is there, but newsprint is much more of a wuss than I recall. I couldn’t really get into layering, but I did experiment with the shape and general layout, and now I can stare at this thing on the now-stained-red/yellow/orange-studio-wall for a few days and figure out why it popped into my head in the first place and where to go with this idea next.

I’m also prepping for the City Art October show. I’ll be putting up all mini paintings. The opening is Friday, October 1st, so if you’re going to be in the area, mark your calendars! Affordable art with a side of free food and wine. Woot!

Detail shot. Watercolor + pastel + charcoal = too much for newsprint.


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