Blue moon

Blue moon, a photograph

Day 263: Contemplation

The “drive of shame” home from LA today was bittersweet. I was so thankful to have my cousin Jaclyn with me, thankful for the many well-wishes from friends and family, thankful to have had the opportunity for a portfolio review with those “in the know” in the art world, but disappointed to know I wouldn’t be packing my bags for longer than a weekend. I stopped in Davis as the sun was setting to take this photo of the moon presiding over the hazy dusk in the marshlands. It’s still and quiet, and reflective of my contemplative mood after the casting.

I did get a callback, which was gratifying. I met some great artists, got some good feedback, and will surely feel much better about the whole thing in a short time- I bounce back pretty quickly and don’t generally wallow in self-pity for long. And experiences like these are part of building one’s career. Like someone in line said, “at least now I have a decent portfolio put together.” 🙂 Tonight, after about 10 hours of driving and two nights of sleeping in hotels, I’m happy to be home with my hubby and puppy… and bed. I’ll be back in action in the studio tomorrow with some non-photographic work. Until then, thanks again for your support!

One thought on “Blue moon

  1. Jonathan says:

    Yes those long bittersweet drives/ flights home…….

    I really admire your dedication and creativity Marianne…. I’ve said it before…. It’s inspiring 🙂

    I can only dream of what this place must sound like from this 120db city.


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