Beyond the Staples center

It's a bird! Oh wait, it's a plane advertising Bud Light Lime.

Day 262: Gettylicious

As Jaclyn and I are carousing about in LA this weekend, we decided to fill our afternoon with a trip to the Getty museum. I’ve never been there and we were only able to make it about 90 minutes before closing, which reminded me very much of my first visit to the Louvre, where we had a whopping 30 minutes or so to run from the Mona Lisa to the Winged Nike (which is not a permanent sports shoe exhibit. See “Victory at Samothrace”. I think. The Art History section of my brain says that’s right, anyway). And of course the art was stunning, but the architecture was also jaw-droppingly gorgeous, and the view wasn’t half bad either. If you mentally edit out the fine layer of smog and stupid flying advertisement, that is. 🙂 I’ll be heading back to home base tomorrow, so it will be another late-night and likely photographic post manana. See you then!

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