Sugar and spice…

Day 253: Sweetness

It occurs to me that I occasionally enjoy creating “creepy pretty” artwork. So today I set out to do just that. “Creepy, huh”.. I said to myself.. “where’s that one pattern?” (dig dig dig) “A-ha!”

I literally purchased this pattern because it had the most disturbing illustrations on it. I think it’s a set of patterns for little girl dresses but the poses and facial expressions are so.. saturated with seductress overtones. It’s just freaky.

So I painted over her a little so you’d have to take a close look to realize someone had drawn the poor girl like she’d been working corners for all 7 years of her life and I kept the colors warm and added some lace and part of a Mother Goose rhyme as well as the text “tell you what isn’t true, my dear young lady?”. It makes me think of the old “sugar and spice and everything nice” adage while at the same time remembering creepy dudes catcalling at women on the street with the word “sweetness”.

The older I get, the more I see multiple sides to every subject. I suppose I could be sad that I can’t think of innocence without also thinking of perversion, but we certainly can’t be little girls forever. So I’ve decided to embrace it as a perspective that will hopefully make my art stronger as I go.

"Sweetness", a mixed media painting on 5x7" canvas

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