Urban textures

"Scallops", a photograph

Day 249: Urban textures

As I am unsure what particular level of traffic hell is awaiting me on my journey to the bay area today, I am planning to leave a little early. Hence, I don’t really have the hours of artmaking time in my schedule that I usually do. So I drove around the industrial parks near my home looking for interesting photos.

I really enjoy urban textures. A stack of forgotten palettes baking in the sun resulted in this first shot…

"Millefeuille", a photograph

…and a pile of plastic pipe accounted for the second (at the top of the post). I may have been able to get more photos to choose from at this particular location until I noticed the ginormous barn spider a few inches from my face. Which, as you may have guessed, caused me to recoil in a screeching backwards leap uncommonly speedy for a person of my size.

“Aww, a barn spider? That sounds quaint. Isn’t that the adorable spider from Charlotte’s Web?”

Well, technically yes, but I assure you that in reality they are not adorable. These things used to show up in the fall on my college campus. They pick large, open areas to make huge webs which they sit right smack in the middle of. The webs are so big that you can easily miss them. That is, until you take a shortcut between some bushes and destroy the day’s work of an angry arachnid large enough to eat your face. *Shudder* I’m pretty sure toddlers are their primary source of nutrition.

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