Garden of children

Day 248: Imagination

When I was younger, I didn’t give art as gifts very often. I made big pieces for one, and otherwise, it just felt weird giving someone my own art as a present. This scenario would always play out in my head when I’d consider it…

“Oh, hey….art. Did you make this?”

“Yep. Hope you like it.”

“I’m kind of obligated to, aren’t I? I mean, what am I going to say right now? This is totally not what I asked for, but I’ll be sure to put it up on the wall before you come over?”

“Yeah…so you’re welcome?”


But then after some time and lots more artmaking, my friends and family started dropping not-so-subtle hints and straight out berating me for holding out on them. So I started giving art as gifts more often.

Now I have no money, so people get art whether they like it or not. Case in point, tomorrow is my sister’s baby shower. It’s her first, and normally I would get her something off of her registry like a normal person. But since there aren’t any free items on that list, art it is! Hope she likes it. And if she doesn’t, maybe her baby will. It does share my DNA after all, so odds are good. 🙂

This painting is on an 8×10” canvas and includes vintage sewing patterns, ribbon, the “imagination” page from an old thesaurus, and a piece from an illustrated French children’s dictionary I won from Miss Sophie’s blog awhile back. “Jardin d’enfants” is a term I hadn’t seen before. It literally translates to “garden of children” but it looks like it means “preschool”. Awwww.  

"Imagination" a mixed media painting on 8x10" canvas

2 thoughts on “Garden of children

  1. I’m sure your sister will love it. It’s delightful! And I’m so glad you found the perfect use for that illustration.
    I believe “jardin d’enfants” was translated directly from “kindergarten” since, in german in means “children’s garden”. But preshool is close enough.


    • Ah, kindergarten. That makes a lot more sense than preschool. 🙂 Thanks for the clarification, and glad you approve of the use of that piece. The papers you included are really so delightful, I really love working with them. Thanks again! 🙂



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